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business scale and seo

Business Scale & Seo

Maas Media’s experience is that its KudoSEO plugin and its unique business model (see PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM) are equally apt regardless of business scale. The critical element is not the size of the business but the commitment of owners/managers to optimal outcomes from their SEO activities.

Glenn Millen



You work to your strengths both in and on your business. This is the foundation of small business success. Budgets to advertise your goods and services are tightly defined and spread across as many media types as possible.
To see your business in the Top 10 results of the leading Search Engines would open doors to new levels of opportunity – This you already know. How can this level of achievement be fulfilled with a cost-effective, easy to use online SEO system built specifically for WordPress?


Welcome to KudoSEO.


As the Marketing Manager of a medium enterprise, a large part of your role is to ensure Search Engine success and continued positive inquiries from the company WordPress website under your control. You have an open dialog with your website developer, either in-house or external, where website updates are delivered on schedule to support traditional media advertising.
The combination of your marketing skills and your website developer’s ability to react quickly could create force. Picture an environment where you can deliver marketing bursts and highly qualified articles directly to the world’s largest Search Engines using a discreet SEO channel on your company website.


Welcome to KudoSEO.


The Corporate landscape demands high performance from all marketing channels. This is especially so with regard to the digital arena where Marketing Managers are responsible for multiple websites across the series of products and services the company excels in. As a Marketing Manager in this environment, you are heading a series of mission critical projects to enhance the presence of your company in the world’s leading Search Engines. Your team includes a strong website development arm who are taking your marketing vision to the highest possible outcome through clever design and functionality. The next step is to ensure the high-level work you produce is seen with prominence in Search Engines.
Imagine a scenario where each and every marketing stream you publish is backed by a solution to both attain and increase rankings in Search Engines in conjunction with your timed releases. A scenario where, over time, you can take control of the SEO from in-house and create a consolidated environment where marketing-based releases are fully supported by excellent Search Engine ranking of your key websites.


Welcome to KudoSEO.