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Case Study 1: Small Business

State-Based Client

Our client is a specialised Travel Agency in Melbourne’s inner suburbs with over 25 years of experience. The Travel Agency is purely serviced-based and excels in delivering customised travel experiences to well-heeled world travellers, many of whom are repeat clients over many years of custom. The agency holds three websites which explore their favoured destinations throughout the world.

With search engines giving search result priority to the abundant Travel Portals and Booking Websites in this age, our client recognised the need to be in the Google Top 10 results for key search terms relating to the destinations highlighted from their three custom websites.

Maas Media were engaged to create a top down SEO campaign across all three websites which would not only achieve excellent Google Top 10 rankings, the process would keep the results in play for extended periods. Our solution leveraged the Maas Media KudoSEO Plugin where key landing pages were optimised with high-worth descriptive articles, all tuned with the pre-determined search terms and keywords assigned to the campaign. The results were quite immediate in this case due to the legacy period of the websites being live on the internet. (15-plus years) Qualified inquiry from the exercise was noted from the second month of the campaign with 30% increases in some cases. The campaign continues to garner excellent in-bound traffic and inquiry for the websites.

We are entering a new phase of the campaign where our client will be able to update the KudoSEO system using our online interface. The updates are run via a distinct module of KudoSEO named News Flash. The News Flash module is housed in the head of each SEO article and has priority in search results. The latest company or industry News can be added to the News Flash module on a by-weekly basis to keep the search engine indexes updated on a regular basis, in turn keeping the established Top 10 rankings in play.

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Case Study 2: Medium Enterprise

National Client

Our client is one of Australia’s most recognised Financial Services companies. Based in Sydney, the company has offices in key Australian East Coast capital cities, servicing high-worth individuals and companies. The client planned to expand the reach of the Wealth Creation sector of the business in Google search results in order to create extended client inquiry for the services.

Maas Media delivered a proposal to create a distinct SEO campaign across the Wealth Creation areas of the company flagship website which would independently target each capital city office location, being Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our solution started with the development of a series of SEO-weighted profile pages within the website for each of the capital city offices, all housed under one landing page named Wealth Creation. In conjunction with the development of the new webpages, the Maas Media KudoSEO system was installed within each profile page and the original landing page. SEO articles were housed in the optimised pages, all of which discussed the Wealth Creation Services at length and utilised the pre-determined search terms earmarked for the SEO campaign.

The resulting Google statistics for the SEO campaign were outstanding in all city locations across the Australian East Coast. As with all Maas Media SEO campaigns, the distributed geo-locations were sorted correctly within the Google search results in most cases, ensuring, for example, that a search originating from Sydney would deliver the Sydney profile page as a priority in Google search results.
The output from the SEO campaign saw a distinct rise in qualified inquiry from the website via tuned Contact pages and telephone touchstones. New client signings were apparent beyond the initial quarter period of the SEO campaign and continued for the life-cycle of the project.

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Case Study 3: Corporate

Multinational Client

Our client is at the forefront of Sorting and Separation technologies for the Mining and Waste-to-Energy industries. Based in Germany, the company design, manufacture and distribute a full range of Sorting and Separation solutions to the world.

Maas Media were engaged to define and execute a distinct SEO campaign strategy to ensure the company website appeared in Google Top 10 ranking positions for a series of geo-locations including Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil. With the company website distributed via a .com Top Level Domain and segregated into country-based sections, the challenge of the SEO campaign was two-fold:

  1. Ensure the company website is ranking in Google Top 10 positions in each geo-location for a series of industry-specific search terms and keywords. (Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil.)
  2. Ensure the correct geo-location sections of the site are appearing in the Google search results with priority, per country.

Our solution to both challenges leveraged the Maas Media KudoSEO system to help define the website as authoritative in the eyes of the major search engines. Each country sector of information within the website was marked up via all available page tags and meta layers to enforce the territories and enable easy recognition by the search engine bots. In conjunction with the extensive mark-up of all pages, a series of SEO-centric articles were derived for topical pages of the website, per country section, to achieve Top 10 rankings of key search terms.

The strategy Maas Media employed delivered excellent Google Top 10 rankings for the company from a high number of search terms across the key target geo-locations. The top down view of the Google search results was led in nearly all cases by the country where the Google search originated, being a superb outcome for the SEO campaign. Further, our methods also delivered indented results in many cases where the company website Home Page and search-aligned Product Pages were ranking in sequential order.

Our final task for the campaign was to leverage the company’s expanding YouTube Channel and bring technology-specific video presentations into the Google top 10 results, further strengthening the indented results in play. The solution we created was to highlight each YouTube presentation via a Twitter burst with search term derived hash tags in place. The output was very successful with YouTube presentations appearing in the Google Top 10 results for many searches.

Effectively, the SEO Campaign delivered a strong industry leadership position for our client, leading to increased client inquiry and increased sales across all geo-locations.