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Glenn Millen

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Glenn Millen Introduces MAAS'S Wider Team.

‘From the very beginnings of Maas I had a singular goal as to the kind of team I wished to build and to work with. They would be organisations like Maas; lean and driven enterprises with very focused principals, aspiring to be the very best in their niche field regardless of geo-location. I believe we have achieved this. I’m pleased to introduce them below.’

- Glenn Millen

Word Hound:
London Based
SEO Article
Writing Team

Maas Media have worked hand-in-hand with Angela and Simon at Word Hound over the past 5 years to develop the SEO articles leveraged for our client SEO campaigns. Throughout the period, both teams have continually tuned the article writing style to produce descriptive and Informative articles which are search term balanced, optimised and ready to install into Client SEO Campaigns via our KudoSEO WP Plugin immediately upon receipt from the Word Hound writing team. We continue into 2020 as White Label Partners where Word Hound services are fully integrated into our SEO solutions.

We highly recommend Word Hound writing services for all our client content-based requirements. Their high literary quality and comprehension of a clients’ content needs never disappoint and are readily apprehended in a timely and professional manor.

The Agenda
Group: Top
Flight Advisory

The Agenda Group works with many private and public-sector clients. Their strategies have secured major public-works projects, informed government policy and delivered strategic communications campaigns, including international, national and local media and digital media campaigns.

Our associate, Mark Sutton, creates strategic outcomes across all media platforms for the corporate, private and government sectors. Mark is instrumental in sourcing projects where the Maas Media SEO systems are integral to success. Over the past 5-plus years Maas Media have worked on a series of high-profile projects under Mark’s direction, many centred in Sydney, Australia.

märken: Expert WordPress Development, Maintenance and Hosting Services

Maas Media and märken have worked together for the past 15 years across both the SEO and Website Development sectors. märken are instrumental in the ongoing development of the Maas Media KudoSEO SEO Plugin for the WordPress CMS. We count a series of märken clients as our trusted SEO clients and the continued support of Damian Marken and his team is ever-present. märken excel in the field of WordPress development, WordPress maintenance and website hosting in key national and international locations.

High Performance Clients


Yes, Maas Media seeks clients whose aspirations for SEO match their own, and their wider associates’ network. The Maas principals believe that comprehensively monitored and managed SEO is as integral to effective marketing in the 21st century as broadcast media (TV, radio, print) were in the 20th. They are excited by the contribution that actively and astutely managed SEO can make to virtually any enterprise. Put simply they ask of clients, “are you serious about being on page 1 of key search results?”

In seeking clients who understand and embrace the potential of SEO, Maas take this commitment to its ultimate conclusion, equipping clients with the skills and tools (primarily the Maas-designed KudoSEO plug-in) to embark on and sustain direct interaction with key search engines.

Maas broadly defines high performance SEO clients in the following terms.

  • Strongly recognise the importance of SEO in contemporary marketing
  • Prepared to invest in the skills and tools to achieve optimal SEO performance
  • Open to treating MAAS as a part of their marketing strategy team