Partnership Program

Control your own
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Partnership Program

Partnering with Clients

Maas Media is, by design, as lean an organisation as it is practicable to be. The focus is on delivering optimal product and service to client, absent any superfluous layers. This founding principle extends to its chosen network associates (see High Performance Resources). Most remarkably, Maas includes clients in this lean and nimble paradigm, by assisting clients to control their own SEO environment via Maas’s KudoSEO plugin rather than retain control—and necessarily charge for that service.

Glenn Millen

Step 1

SEO Strategy

We believe in the power of statistics to drive each and every SEO campaign. Through actively leveraging the robust suite of tools available from Search Engines, we are able to determine the very best possible set of search terms for the SEO campaign. Your Analytics and Webmasters accounts are integral to the overall campaign strategy. These tools not only deliver statistics regarding the high-ranking search terms you currently have in play, rather the statistics can show where opportunity lies in your arena of commerce. Coupled with AdWords Tools, we can confidently determine a group of high-worth search terms with applicable click-through opportunities to seed the SEO campaign.

Step 2

Profile Article

Our SEO methods are unique where we embed a Company Profile Article into key pages of your website. Our SEO Article Writing Partners, Word Hound, will run extensive research across your key areas of commerce and create search-term rich profile articles specifically tuned for ranking success in all major Search Engines.

Step 3

KudoSEO WordPress Plugin and Profile Article Installation

With our set of Profile Articles in hand, we move to install the custom KudoSEO WordPress Plugin into your website and align the profile articles accordingly. JavaScript layers are leveraged via the WordPress Plugin as the display platform, which allows the article information to be stored in the key pages without the need to change the appearance of your website. From your online audience perspective, the website experience is one of “Business as Usual.” Your website is now fully optimised – Our last task is to action a fast-track indexing of the new website information by the major Search Engines to start the ranking process.

Step 4

Monthly reporting and onward SEO updates

We expect to see the first flush of success with each SEO campaign within weeks of the installation going live. Ranking Reports are run on a regular basis throughout the initial three months of the campaign to track the gains across the series of search terms. The regular reporting allows us to fine-tune the campaign with updates to the key profile articles in order to create the strongest possible ranking scores at all Search Engines. Monthly reports are distributed beyond the end of each current month, highlighting the gains of the campaign over time. Our reporting also includes a series of competitor sites which offers insight into how the campaign is stacking up in the marketplace. Each monthly report is sent via email with custom overview notes of the campaign as well as changes in the Google algorithm. Our aim is to deliver a true picture of both your SEO campaign and the overall state of the Google Search Engine each month.

Step 5

Transitioning to Self-Managed SEO

Once we have your campaign in full flight, we can move to transition the campaign across to you for onward updates. Our Kudoseo WordPress Plugin has facility for News Flash information to be added to each of the profile articles in an easy, straightforward manner. The News Flash additions essentially keep the campaign in a positive mode with regard to search engine rankings. From your perspective, the News Flash updates are a perfect platform to inform Search Engines and your online audience of the latest activities you are undertaking. From Special Offers to Accolades to New Products; The News Flash area will appear in search results with priority. As a part of the transition, we shall walk you through the News Flash section of the plugin interface as well as key areas you may wish to edit over time. Please be assured we are with you all the way beyond the transition to self-managed SEO – Regular Help File updates from our website and access to Maas Media SEO experts will pave the way forward, ensuring you have every opportunity to enhance your Search Engine rankings.